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Why do I need a Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC)?

A LNC utilizes their knowledge, expertise and experience as a registered nurse to assist attorneys on their cases by studying the details of a case. Their background as a nurse enables the attorney to have a deeper understanding of the medical complexities by having an expert alongside them to identify the critical facts relevant to their case.

When should attorneys call a LNC?

From the moment a potential case comes in, the LNC becomes an invaluable asset by identifying the medical issues, screening the case for merit, making sense out of voluminous amounts of cryptic medical records that are essential in developing effective strategies and avoiding costly expenses for their cases.

Why should attorneys consult with a LNC if they’re already using an MD?

The services of a LNC are far more cost-effective than those of a physician. Because RNs are the only healthcare providers who are face-to-face with the patient every day, the LNC can educate attorneys about a wide range of basic medical issues. The LNC saves time and money otherwise spent on expensive medical experts.

What example can you provide as to how you have helped an attorney on their case?

I provide attorneys with details regarding an illness or injury that enables them to have a better understanding of their case. I know where to look in the medical record to reveal the hidden facts of a case that are otherwise undiscovered.

In a previous case, I was consulted when a man had been involved in a motor vehicle accident and sustained injuries to the lower extremities. The client had been discharged home and months later died as a result of complications from those injuries. I provided the defense team with the reasoning as to how the death was related to the initial injury and how the death could have been prevented. Buried in the medical records, I was also able to locate documentation that the deceased had been offered a very expensive medication for free by hospital staff and despite that offer, the patient refused to accept the free medication and subsequently died as a result of not taking the medication. These facts were critical in developing an effective defense strategy. Had the attorney not utilized my services, that crucial documentation would have never been discovered. Interestingly, the initial request for medical records by the attorney did not include the social service notes. I asked the attorney to obtain those specific records from the facility and found the documentation within those records that was instrumental in winning the case.

In another case, I was hired as an expert to identify the standards of care in a case that involved the placement of an intravenous catheter (IV). The catheter had been placed in an artery instead of a vein. A medication was delivered into the artery that resulted in the permanent disability of the patient’s right hand. I was able to assist the attorney by providing an expert report that revealed the standards of care on placement of an IV and how the nurse breached those standards by negligently placing an intravenous catheter into an artery rather than a vein.

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